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Deaf 3-Yr-Old Has Sweetest Breakdown When She Hears Parents For 1st Time.

Imagine spending your whole life unable to hear and then suddenly being bombarded with what must feel like everything. That’s exactly what happened to Q’ela Pierce.

The toddler was deemed deaf after failing her newborn hearing test. So for the first three years of her life, she couldn’t hear her parents’ voices or learn what laughter sounds like. But now everything has changed, and it’s all thanks to a cochlear implant.


In a video that’s been shared all over the Internet, we can see Q’ela minding her own business as she sits in a high chair at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, Florida. Nikitia Vasser, her mom, waits next to her, while Quaneef Pierce, her dad, records the precious moment.

At first, Q’ela doesn’t understand what’s going on. She hears a noise in the background and jumps, a confused look on her face. Then her dad asks if she heard the sound, and the sweet little girl is overcome with emotion. She starts crying and reaches out for her mom.


By the end of the video, Q’ela starts acclimating to her implant and is clearly excited by all the new noises around her. As her parents continue talking, her eyes get wide. Then she looks around as if she’s asking, “Do you hear this too? Isn’t it amazing?!”


Nikitia and Quaneef will certainly remember this day for the rest of their lives! Even if they hadn’t filmed the occasion, the look on their daughter’s face when she heard their voices for the first time will be etched in their memories forever.

Watch Q’ela’s emotional reaction in the video below, and be sure to share her sweet story with your friends.

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