Husband Confused When “Terrier” Grows Into A Giant. His Wife’s Fib Totally Made My Day!

Every now and again, couples will bend the truth in order to get what they want. Don’t get us wrong, honesty is always the best policy, but this particular fib took an interesting turn when it transformed into a 210 pound Boston Great Dane.

Nearly a decade ago, Sue Markham persuaded her husband Robert to let her get a puppy – as long as it was a on the smaller side.



Little did Robert know, the ‘Jack Russell Terrier’ his wife had supposedly brought home would grow into great big goofball… because she tricked him and it was actually a Great Dane!

In just a few short months, Yogi the puppy had turned into Yogi the huge, gigantic dog (nicknamed: Yogi the Bear).

The picture below might seem fake, but it isn’t: this is one of the largest dogs in the UK!



“It started to become obvious when Bear dwarfed any other dogs in the village, so the game was up”

Here’s some perspective for you. Yogi is nearly 7 feet tall when standing and wolfs down an incredible $175 dollars worth of food per month.


Yogi usually hangs out on his own two-seater couch and eats a hardy breakfast – scrambled eggs and sausage in addition to his regular dog food.



Despite his protective nature and immense size, turns out he is nothing but a gentle giant.

“Last winter, an old female cat we call Toffee started coming in the house for warmth. She must have been about 10 years old, so quite old, like Yogi. We thought he wouldn’t be a fan, but instead he welcomed her onto his sofa and they often curl up and sleep together.”


Thankfully, Robert wasn’t at all upset about Sue’s doggy motivated deception. He fell in love with Yogi early on and is overjoyed he’s part of their lives.

Watch below to see the full picture of Yogi’s size and sweetness!

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