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Military Wife Embarrassed When There’s No Puck To Drop, Until Unexpected Hero Steps In.

Do military homecoming stories ever get old? We don’t think so.

On February 2, the Toronto Maple Leafs were hosting the Pittsburgh Penguins and celebrating Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation Night. The Hillson family thought they were simply participating in the ceremonial puck drop – but they were shocked when they were greeted by more than just a video from their deployed husband & dad.


In a video shared on social media, Corporal Jeremy Hillson’s wife, baby son, and toddler daughter are joined by another member of the armed forces to participate in the puck drop.

The family seems excited after watching a video message from their deployed loved one on the jumbotron before the drop. When it comes time to actually drop the puck, the other serviceman suddenly asks, “Do you have a puck?” The crowd, teams, and Hillsons all laugh hysterically at the circumstances before realizing who actually has the puck – Corporal Hillson, there, in person.


The whole crowd cheers as the family reunites with hugs and so many tears (we don’t know for sure, but we imagine everyone in the crowd was crying, too). There is clearly emotion washing over the faces of the two hockey players who are also taking part in the surprise.


Eventually, the family comes together to finally complete the puck drop. Corporal Jeremy Hillson and his daughter did the honor, and officially started the game.


As for who won the game? We’re not sure – but we think it’s safe to say the real winners are the Hillsons. And all the viewers who got to take part in the beautiful surprise!

Watch Corporal Jeremy Hillson surprise his family in the sweet video below. Once you’ve stopped crying, be sure to share it with your friends!

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