President Of Uruguay Sat Down For 47 Seconds, What He Says About Money Is Shattering Perceptions.

José Mujica was the President of Uruguay from 2010-1015, and he is also known to be a wise, generous and kind man. In fact, some have described him as “The world’s most humble president.” And his position of power has allowed him to embody and teach his wise perspectives throughout the world.


In the video below you’re able to soak in just a preview of his great wisdom. But the featured measure reminds us about true value: when we spend money, we’re spending time – the time we spent to earn that money.  Basically he’s telling us that there are more things more important that earning and spending money… because it can take away from other parts of life.

This 47 second clip is quite compelling.

Click here if you’d like to see the full 10 minute video by Human the movie – his perspective and wisdom are priceless and timeless!

NOTE: THIS VIDEO WORKS!  It may not look like it, but just press play below!!

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