man hands presents to squirrels

When Family Tragedy Strikes, Dad Wraps Tiny Presents For Backyard Squirrels To Cheer Up Daughter.

It’s not unusual for people with a beloved family pet give their dog or cat a little Christmas present to ‘open’ alongside the family on Christmas morning, so they can join in on the fun. Giving a little bone or stuffed animal in a stocking to your little ball of fur, is nothing out of the ordinary.

After an unspecified tragedy struck one family a few days before Christmas, one thoughtful dad decided to do something a little unusual and out of the ordinary to bring his hurting family some laughs and joy. Whereas most people give presents to their pets, Paul Chesnaye decided to give presents to squirrels who frequently visit his backyard.


Paul’s daughter Lucy shared a Twitter post with pictures of her dad sitting tiny presents outside for the squirrels and the tweet immediately went viral with over 90,000 shares and over 200,000 Likes.

“So my dad gave the squirrels Christmas presents,” Lucy tweeted.

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What was in the presents? Nuts, of course!

“We had some Brazil nuts, some peanuts, almonds, and cashews,” Paul told Buzzfeed. “They got a real selection so it was a special Christmas present!”

Lucy thought her dad’s gesture was hilarious but never thought her tweet would go viral and bring so many people a good laugh.


“I find it really funny and I never expected so many people to see it,” Lucy said.

The squirrels enjoyed ripping into the tiny wrapping paper and delighting in a Christmas gift for the first time.


Thanks to this dad for bringing the world a good laugh!


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