Combined Pre-School And Nursing Home Is Providing Unprecedented Hope.

Through recorded history, elders have been among the wisest and most respected members of society. They were the story tellers, lesson givers and decision makers of every people group throughout the world.

You’ve got to wonder, when did things change?

Some forward thinking educators at the Inter-Generational Learning Center in Seattle, WA are determined to bring older folks back into the fold of society.

In a stroke of brilliance, they decided to put a pre-school in a local nursing home and have the youngest members of society learn from the oldest.

The results were immediate and incredible.

The kids did’t just tolerate interaction with the older folks, they loved it and flourished.

Studies show that 43% of elderly people deal with social isolation, which leads to loneliness, depression and every sort of age related decline

In short, this experiment is literally saving lives. All anyone wants to know is that they are cared for, to love and be loved. The most basic human needs are those that are easiest to fill, as long as you’re looking in the right place.

Watch below and share if this amazing idea made your day!

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