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Plumber Lands Record Deal After Homeowner Hears Him Singing ...

Plumber Lands Record Deal After Homeowner Hears Him Singing Along To The Radio.

man sitting on back bumper of car

Just about everyone has dreamed of being discovered, right? It’s rare, but it does happen.

Talented teenagers are plucked from obscurity and offered a modeling career, singing waiters land roles on Broadway, and plumbers get discovered while remodeling bathrooms. Wait, what was that last one again?

Until very recently, Kev Crane of Leicestershire, England, was just another person with a blue-collar job who happened to love music. He has always considered writing and recording music to be a hobby, even constructing his own recording studio at home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Kev has been doing bathroom remodels for the past eight years, so he thought nothing of taking a job for music mogul Paul Conneally in nearby Loughborough.

“When I went round to give Paul a quote, he mentioned he owned a record label but I didn’t really think much of it,” Kev said. “I’ve always been into music. I used to be in a few bands when I was younger and have written a lot of my own music.”

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Paul started New Reality Records as a label to bring artists together. He wanted to create something similar to the early independent labels where punk and new wave got their start. So far, he’s signed artists from Brazil, Britain, and the U.S.

As Kev worked on Paul’s bathrooms, he did what he always does while on the job: He began to sing to the radio. As he tackled vocals from artists like Meat Loaf and David Bowie, Paul’s ears pricked up.

“He sings along to the radio all day as he tiles and plumbs in bathrooms,” Paul said. “I told him he had a good voice and he mentioned he’d been writing and recording songs in his home studio.”

On a whim, Paul asked Kev to send him some of the pieces he’d written. When the plumber obliged, Paul was “blown away.”

It wasn’t just Kev’s voice that got Paul’s attention. He is also a talented songwriter who managed to produce “a sound that is so ’80s but so now at the same time.”

Paul immediately offered Kev a recording contract, and the plumber happily accepted. While Kev said the whole experience has been surreal, he couldn’t be happier about the chain of events. He has now released an ’80s-influenced album called “Why Can’t I Be You?

“I’m just seeing where it leads. I don’t have any expectations,” Kev added. “I would love to be able to write songs for other artists but if nothing else happens, then it was fun while it lasted.”

This is the definition of being in the right place at the right time! Kev’s story sounds like something out of a novel. You just never know what can happen in this crazy old life!

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