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rancher merrick

5-Yr-Old Rancher Jumps Into Itty-Bitty Tractor To Help With Chores In Adorable Video.

Some kids might get excited over the latest video game or cell phone app, but Merrick Enck has different tastes.

For the 5-year-old son of a horse trainer and rancher in Carthage, South Dakota, there’s no greater joy in life than hopping on his John Deere and getting some chores done around the farm. After dad Tad Enck shared a video of Merrick at work, parents everywhere are starting to think maybe their own kids could use a few more chores, too.


Growing up on a ranch means getting used to hard work, but some people seem more willing to leap into that lifestyle than others. Tad calls Merrick his “right-hand man” because whenever there’s a job to do his little boy is never afraid to jump in there and help out, no matter how grimy, greasy, or dangerous the task may be. Whether he’s shoveling out the paddock on a bitter-cold winter day or helping to wrangle the calves on the back of his very own pony, Merrick is already a hard worker who’s happiest when he has a job to do.


Tad teaches horsemanship and animal care on the ranch, so Merrick has grown up with a healthy respect for animals that shows in the way he carries himself. He may be small, but this kid walks with true swagger! He also looks the part of a real cowboy with his hat, chaps, and cowboy boots. But the thing that really completes his cool cowboy image is the kid-sized John Deere he uses to get around.


Tad recently shared a short video of Merrick at work, and the confident way that he maneuvers his truck in order to feed the horses is truly remarkable. This little boy looks more like a tiny grown-up than a child.

Merrick is proof that parents who expect more from their kids get more from them. Having chores and responsibilities builds character, and this boy certainly seems to have plenty of that!


Who else is going to go home and set up a new chore list for their kids? We might not all have farm work for them, but there’s always something children can do to carry their own weight a bit at home. Maybe it’s simply clearing away the dishes after dinner or feeding the cats, anything to get them involved and give them ownership and autonomy.

Watch Merrick feeding the horses on his cute little tractor below, and don’t forget to share.

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