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Pilot Captures Unbelievable Photos Of Earth’s Beauty From His Own Cockpit

We’ve all done it: When we see something cool on a flight, we grab our phone and snap it before the sun sets or the mountain range passes. But more often than not, that image doesn’t even begin to capture the beauty of the moment.

That’s definitely not the case with Alex MacLean’s in-flight photos. Then again, the photographer has a bit of a leg up. Not only is he a trained photographer, but he’s also in the cockpit. Yes, the photographer (who happens to be an architect by trade) has his pilot’s license and has taken pictures all across the United States.

Alex gets to see some of the coolest places our world has to offer — and from one of the most unique vantage points! If you’re not jealous yet, just take a look at his photos…

1. Simple things like rust coming off iron ore piles in Minnesota can be beautiful.

2. Alex talks about how the landscape he’s come to know and love has changed over time.

3. He’s able to capture a point of view many don’t even consider.

4. Like the complex twists and turns of a water park.

5. Or the Tetris-like layout of a shipping yard.

6. This Copenhagen community looks standard from the ground but geometric from above.

7. Alex captures everything from landscapes to in-depth projects that explore one topic (like patterns that appear in the best and worst farming practices).

8. I never knew a group of rowboats in Massachusetts could look so beautiful.

9. From this point of view, surfing looks a little less terrifying (emphasis on ‘a little’).

10. How they packed these planes in so perfectly? I’ll never know.

11. Even traffic has a certain allure from above.

12. Somehow his view of the world has taken the simple, and made it look incredible.

13. Everytime he takes flight he creates magic.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got to seriously step up my photography game. If you’d like to see more of Alex’s photos, follow him on Facebook and Instagram and check out his website.

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