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Photographer Was Enjoying The View When Out Of Nowhere A Huge Friend Came Up To Say “Hi”

When wild animals and humans come into contact, incredible things can happen. We’ve seen footage of wolves singing along with a songwriter and witnessed a bear act as best man at a wedding, but the amazing scene in the video below left us in total awe.

The photographer in the video below was enjoying the view one Alaskan morning when he looked to his left to find a visitor that surely gave him a shock. Not 10 feet away sat a huge grizzly bear just stretching out in the sun. The mountainous furball looked perfectly relaxed next to his new found companion… after a yawn or two, he ventured back off to his family wading in the river below.

Here’s the Takeaway: Watching this giant grizzly hang out with a man 1/4 his size sent chills down my spine. We all should do our part to ensure these amazing animals survive to inspire our children and theirs.

Watch the incredible encounter below and share to spread nature continual beauty!

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