Man Transforms Coolers Into Cat Houses For Strays In Winter.

During winter months, stray animals have to go to great lengths to find warm places to sleep. Philip Rogich of Utah has a soft spot in his heart for cats, so he took it upon himself to find a solution.

He came up with DIY shelters! These inexpensive projects are simple enough that anyone can do them. All you need is an old cooler, pipe insulation, a 6-inch drill bit, and some straw.


When a local news station asked Philip why he decided to build these “cat coolers” in the first place, he said, “[Feral cats] just disappear, get overlooked. … They deserve to have their basic needs met.”

His construction process is simple. He drills a hole in one of the lower corners of a cooler, pads it with insulation piping, fills the container with straw, and sets the finished product outside for a cat to find it.


In addition to giving these sweet animals a place to stay warm, they’re durable. Philip said they only take a few minutes to make, cost less than $10 – and can last over 10 years!

His creative shelters have gained plenty of attention from other cat lovers, so Philip wrote a how-to tutorial so everyone can help out. Best of all, since he knows not everyone has the necessary equipment, he’s offered to do the building for people who want to donate a cooler to his cause.


While spring is on the horizon, Philip will continue making shelters for next winter and many more to come. Keep up the great work!

Want to make your own cat cooler? Follow Philip’s instructions here, and share this story with your friends to inspire them to do the same.

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