People Called Their Baby Names For Looking Like Dad. How They Responded Is So Inspiring!

Vicky and Simon Moore met five years ago in a sign language class, and the last thing on their minds was getting into a relationship.

But their encounter must have been fate, because the two couldn’t help but fall in love… and soon after the topic of having a child together came up. But for the Moores, it wasn’t the type of discussion that most couples have.

Simon has Treacher Collins Syndrome (TC), which is characterised by craniofacial deformities such as the absence of cheekbones. In addition, Simon is profoundly deaf and spent much of his childhood indoors to escape bullies.

The two decided to have a baby, and when they did, their little girl Alice was also diagnosed with TC.

Dealing with a child with that sort of condition isn’t easy, so when they encountered another obstacle from the people around them, it was hard to ignore. However, the family dealt with the situation with integrity, courage, love and strength.

Watch this video to see how solid this family really is throughout their difficult times.

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