Innocent Group Of Penguins Turns Into Rebels. Their Escape Attempt Is So Perfect!

The zoo insn’t for everyone. But apparently that not only includes spectators, but the inhabitants themselves.

That was clear when a group of penguins in the Denmark’s Zooodense decided to make a run for it. I suppose their tactic was to fly under the radar, making as little noise as possible, because when we finally caught up to them, they were doing the penguin version of tiptoeing. Weaving in and out of wires in the back ways and only waddling after looking around the corner… everything was in the works.

Unfortunately, the rebel moment was short lived as they left footprints leading to their exact location and had to returned to the habitat. But watching a ‘rookery’ of penguins showing off their bad side was extremely entertaining.

Watch their “well-planned” escape below.

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