Nosy Dog Kept Leaping Above Fence To Spy, So Neighbors Come Up With Hilarious Solution.

When Jennifer Bowman realized she had a Peeping Tom next door, she didn’t pull the blinds or even file a police report. Instead, this kind-hearted Californian took out her drill and cut holes in her fence to make it easier for the furry voyeur!

But “Peeking Penny” is far from clandestine about her spying activities. The German shepherd leaps into the air to peek over a 6-foot-tall fence, forever curious to see what Bowman, her dog Olive, and stray cat Max are up to. In one of several videos she posted, Bowman squeezes a squeaky toy several times, prompting a quick appearance of the German shepherd’s ears and muzzle.


“My neighbor’s German Shepherd is super curious about the goings on in our yard. She jumps to peek over the fence all day long,” she wrote. “I made her a peeking spot and I think she really likes it. Now we see her little nose and brown eyes peeping at us while we play.”


“She’s actually a very shy dog so I think she appreciates that she can peep without too much exposure. I cannot stop laughing over how [flipping] cute she is! Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!”



“C’mon, Olive. Let’s go give her a milk bone,” she says, and moments later Penny gently takes the offerings through the hole cut out for her muzzle.

Maybe Peeking Penny just takes her neighborhood watch duties very seriously, or like all German shepherds, she can’t stand not knowing what’s going on at all times. Either way, this is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

Watch Penny’s antics below and share to make someone laugh!

Posted by Jennifer Bowman on Friday, April 28, 2017

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