Passionate 3-Year-Old Delivers Epic Motivational Speech, What She Says Is Beyond Genius.

Everyone needs a dose of motivation. Sometimes you just feel–what’s the word? — blah.  You feel blah.  You get up and you are just not excited to do anything.

When that is the case you need a spark to get back into it.

Well, this 3-year-old is ready to give advice and wisdom that could pretty much inspire anyone.

In the youtube comments it says that this little girl’s speech might be inspired by Shia Leboug’s performance of Joshua Parker’s script.  Whether it is or isn’t, her performance is classic. You can’t not be pumped up after listening to this. It’s adorable, fiery and (most of all) filled with insight into life.

Her main reminder? To never give up when you have a dream. It’s simple, but it’s genius and perfect advice.

“What are you waiting for? Just DO IT!”

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