Man Wakes Up To Parking Ticket On Truck But Spots Kindest Note Tucked Underneath.

There are times when it feels like Murphy’s law is in full effect; anything that can go wrong will go wrong. We’ve all been to that place where it seems nothing can brighten our moods. But just knowing someone cares can make all the difference — even if they’re a stranger.

Just ask the Reddit user who recently found a surprise on his windshield. Following a mediocre Monday, the man woke up one Tuesday morning in March, got ready for work, and headed to his truck, where he found a parking ticket. He lives downtown, and the time on his parking meter had expired. It wasn’t the best start to his day.

parking meter

But then, upon glancing at the truck again, the man noticed something had been carefully placed underneath the ticket. It was an envelope. He opened it to find a note and some cash inside. What he read touched his heart, and he felt compelled to share it.

The man uploaded a photo of the note to Reddit, writing, “This morning I found an envelope with this note and $25 tucked under a parking ticket on my truck.”

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note under parking ticket

The note reads:

“Hey stranger,

Noticed you had a parking ticket on your truck and figured that Tuesday was a little bit too soon for somebody’s week to already start sucking…I mean, we’re only two days in and who knows what the heck your Monday held…Anyway, hope your week just keeps getting better from here!

Keep it real!”

Thousands saw the post, and witnessing such sweetness made their own days. Some suggested the original poster pay it forward, and he was totally on board. In fact, he thought about just paying the ticket himself and passing his good fortune on to someone else.

reddit comments

The kindest acts are those done without any expectation of recognition or repayment. They come from a place of caring and compassion, just like this stranger’s heart.

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