13 Parents Who Trolled Their Kids In The Funniest Ways Possible

Being a parent is pretty tough. Your kids go from loving you unconditionally to hating you seemingly the second they enter the tween years. Some moms and dads just grin and bear it, knowing that their kids will eventually realize the fault in their ways. Other parents, however, embrace this phase and turn to trolling their kids. Why sit back and watch when you can partake in all the fun that comes with teasing at your smartphone-obsessed, selfie-taking children? These moms and dads know what's up.

1. Clearly, someone wasn't turning 21...

2. "This is way more useful, son."

3. "Mom, Dad, you shouldn't have. Really."

4. "My dad said my dog took over my room after I left for college." Guess he wasn't joking...

5. When the power goes out in your kid's apartment (and they complain instead of calling the electric company), you mock them. "They're on the case!"

6. Teen boy rule #1: Never ask your parents to bring you something at school. Rookie move, Ryan.

7. There's nothing quite like getting something in the mail...and then finding out it's your parents' selfie.

8. This will keep the boys off Stacy's bed, that's for sure.

9. This dad recreates his daughter's sultry selfies.


10. This dad who is nothing short of savage.

11. The sweet smell of success!


12. All she wanted was a good prom photo. That was clearly too much to ask for from dad.

13. Their kid wanted to know if they were okay when an escaped murderer was loose in their area. This was their (casual) reply.

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