Couple Drives Into Massive Traffic Jam To Help Motorists Stranded For 18+ Hrs.

We’ve all dealt with rush hour on our daily commutes. For most of us, it’s a relatively short and minor annoyance — but for one community, it turned into an emergency.

On Feb. 12, drivers found themselves stuck at a standstill in Columbia River Gorge in Oregon. There was a major traffic jam on Interstate 84, leaving many drivers stranded for more than 18 hours. But despite the stressful situation, motorists waited it out with smiles on their faces thanks to two good Samaritans.

traffic jam

Jade Stell and her husband, Quintin, from Cascade Locks, were in the gridlock for three hours before they managed to get out. When they realized people were still trapped on the road the next morning, they knew they had to help.

The couple drove to a local store and stocked up on water, bananas, and other groceries before returning to the freeway. There, they passed out the items to very grateful drivers, their two dogs in tow.

jade gives drivers food and water

Truck driver Dennis Miller, who was also stuck in traffic, shared photos of the Stells’ good deed on Facebook.

“So as I sit in line for going on 18 and 1/2 hours, I see this young women handing out Granola bars, bananas and water,” Dennis wrote. “It made my wait better and mine and the State Trooper’s day. Be kind everyone, it’s the right thing to do.”

jade gives drivers food and water

Multiple businesses, including Dominos and Walmart, stepped up as well, delivering hot pizzas, cases of water, and other food to the stranded drivers.

walmart employees with water

Dennis’s post has since been shared thousands of times. Hundreds commented to praise Jade and Quintin for their thoughtful, generous actions. It’s amazing how an awful situation can transform into such a positive experience when people take the time to help others.

“It was an experience that seemed so simple and such like a nothing thing on our part, but it was so rewarding to be able to love on people in that way,” Jade humbly said.

Learn more about the couple’s act of kindness in the video below. Share this inspiring story to brighten others’ days.

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