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Opera Singer Serenades Nurse During Brain Surgery. His Performance Is Brilliant.

Ambrož Bajec-Lapajne is an incredibly talented Slovenian opera singer who was diagnosed with a brain tumor… and he opted for surgery. But before the procedure, his doctor asked him to do something curious – to sing one of his songs… in the middle of the operation.

This seems completely crazy but the reasoning behind it is completely sound. It was to make sure he wouldn’t have any post-surgery deficits.  If the doctors had stimulated the speech part of the brain, then his singing would have immediately stopped.

The opera, thus, was a warning sign for the doctors to avoid that area.

Although you’d think while under the knife [I won’t go into crude details] it would be hard to accomplish a perfect execution of a masterful song like “Gute Nacht,” Ambrož managed to do it flawlessly.

The result of this test was absolutely beautiful and a gift to the ears… it probably helped soothe even the doctors while operating.

Watch this incredible performance below and just take a second to marvel at his talent…

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