Boy Had One Week To Live, But His Emotional Last Wish Made The Impact Of A Lifetime.

Brenden Foster is an inspiration. Diagnosed with leukemia at 8 years old, Brenden developed remarkable perspective. At age 11, he was told he had one week to live.

That is when he decided to do something unimaginably selfless: in his last week on earth, he wanted to help others… so he made the decision to feed the homeless.

Driving home from one of his last clinic appointments, Brenden noticed a tent city for homeless people, and he felt they needed a second chance. He started raising awareness and had over 200 sandwiches delivered to the tent city residents.

“I have had a great time,” Brenden said, “And until my time is up, I am going to keep having a good time.”

He died soon after.

But his legacy of kindness lives on.

Since Brenden’s dying wish, $95,000 has been given to the homeless in his honor.  It’s a truly heartwarming accomplishment and a reminder that will last for years.

Watch him share about his wish in the video below and consider how you might respond to his inspiring example of selflessness.

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