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One Day You’ll Want Someone Else, But Today It’s Still Me.

You’re getting bigger, my boy.

Sometimes, long after you’re asleep, I find myself still rocking you.

Daylight to Dark

Getting to this point of the night is always crazy, and sure, I’d love to be spending some time alone for once.

But the truth is, your face is changing faster than I can accept and some nights, I can’t bear to be apart.

Because one day you won’t want me to rock you anymore, nor will I be able.

One day this chair won’t fit the both of us.

One day I won’t be the answer to your sadness.

One day our breathing won’t sync as we sway back and forth.

One day you’ll be grown and I’ll watch you sway back and forth with someone else, perhaps to a song that makes emotion well up in your eyes and spill onto your cheeks.

So today, I’ll sit a little bit longer.

I’ll breathe a little bit easier.

I’ll hold you close while I can.

Because you’re getting bigger, my boy, and one day you’ll be grown.

This story originally appeared on Daylight to Dark’s Facebook Page

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