Musician Uses Ukulele To Bring Quarantined Neighbors Together.

All over the world, musicians are bringing their communities together through music.

When Olivia Haynes first saw videos of Italian people comforting each other by singing, she loved the idea, but she wasn’t sure how the gesture would be received. Originally from the U.S., she didn’t know if her Austrian neighbors would appreciate the interruption.


“Austrian and Italian culture [are] very different from each other,” Olivia said. “Austrian grandmothers are notorious for yelling ‘ruhe’ when neighbors make any noise. It basically means shut up.”

Still, she decided to give it a shot.

To her surprise, everyone applauded her first performance, and more and more people began tuning in to later ones. Now, they’re getting to know each other, and it’s all because of Olivia’s little concerts!


“We live next door to people who we never really talk to, but I started seeing that change over the course of this lockdown,” she added.

That community feel is part of what inspired her to perform in the first place. She loves helping others and wanted to bring a little extra cheer to her neighbors during this difficult time.


When social restrictions started lifting in Austria, Olivia decided to play her final “show” in her complex’s courtyard. She let everyone know that anyone who wanted to attend could show up.

“When I came downstairs for the last song, I saw so many friendly faces waiting for me,” she said. “When I finished playing, some of them handed me flowers, chocolates, and sweet notes. I was absolutely overwhelmed with their appreciation.”


What a beautiful way to provide her neighbors with hope, entertainment, and togetherness. She deserves every last flower, chocolate, and note they give her!

Watch one of her performances in the video below, and be sure to share this story with your friends.

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