Deputy’s Hurricane Safety Check Leads Him To Adorable New Friend.

Dorian was the first major storm to hit the U.S. this hurricane season, and it packed a serious punch.

Thankfully, the storm’s path shifted as it made its way to the East Coast, which spared Florida from a Category 4. But Dorian’s outer edges battered residents, which meant first responders still went out to ensure everyone’s safety. One Orange County deputy protected not only humans but also animals — and took home an unexpected gift.


While the storm was raging, deputies were sent to investigate a car that crashed in a ditch and was flooding. Thankfully, they didn’t find anyone trapped inside — that is to say, they didn’t find any humans.

What they discovered instead was a terrified tiny stowaway, an adorable gray, tan, and black puppy.


Fortunately, other than being pretty scared, the pup wasn’t injured. She quickly won all the deputies over, but one in particular fell in love with her. Josh Tolliver and his partners took her to an animal shelter so she could get checked out. Then they left to continue monitoring the community.

But Josh couldn’t get the sweet puppy out of his head! So the next day he went back to the shelter and put in a request to adopt her.


Josh wasn’t allowed to formally adopt the small girl, whom he’s calling Dorian, quite yet. The shelter has to give her original owners time to claim her — which is unlikely since she had no tags and was left alone in a flooding car. The good news is Josh could take Dorian home as a foster dog-dad. And assuming her owners don’t come forward, he’ll be able to adopt her soon.


The Orange County Sheriff’s Office recently posted an update to their Facebook page to let residents know Dorian is doing well and “living her best life” at home with Josh.


It just goes to show that even life’s toughest storms can bring some wonderful gifts. If it weren’t for this literal storm, Dorian and Josh would never have entered each other’s lives.

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