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Off-Duty Cop Spots Elderly Man With Car Problems & Goes Out Of His Way To Help.

For most law enforcement officials, the job doesn’t stop when they clock out at the end of their shift.

Many people are drawn to this line of work because they feel compelled to help others, and that’s certainly the case for one Polk County, Florida police officer named Rafael Rodriguez. Local resident Manda Lynn recently shared an experience with Deputy Rodriguez on Facebook to praise the man for going above and beyond to help a fellow citizen.


“I want to express how amazed I am at Polk County Sheriff’s Deputy Rodriguez,” Manda wrote on the Polk County Sheriff’s Office page. She described how Deputy Rodriguez had been on his way home from a long day at work in his personal vehicle when he spotted a car broken down on the side of the road. Without a second thought, Deputy Rodriguez pulled over to see if there was anything he could do to help.

He quickly discovered that the elderly motorist’s car battery had stopped working, but instead of simply calling for roadside assistance the deputy went the extra mile — literally.


“He took an elderly man to the store to help get a battery for the car, and then stopped by his own personal home to get tools to install the battery for the elderly man,” Manda explained, adding, “He did this not for publicity, not as an officer of the law, but as a human being. He did this after he got off a long day at work and helped a stranger. This not only says what kind of awesome man he is…but the type of people the Polk County Sheriff’s Office hires.”


After installing the man’s new battery right there on the side of the road, he sent them on their way with a smile on their face and the joy of knowing that in their community someone is always willing to lend a hand. The sheriff’s department was quick to praise Deputy Rodriguez, who is a detention deputy assigned to the South County Jail.

“There’s bad stuff out there in the world that gets shared on social media, and then there’s stuff like this,” the sheriff’s office wrote. “He’s been with PCSO just over 3 years, and as you’ll read, he is totally awesome. Great job, Deputy Rodriguez!!!! And thank you Manda for taking the time to send this to us. We know our deputies are out there every day doing extraordinary things, and we don’t usually hear about them.”


It’s always nice to hear these stories of everyday heroes out on the streets. Remember that for every negative story you hear about law enforcement there are dozens more like these that seldom get reported. We are happy to shine a little more light on Deputy Rodriguez and his colleagues who work everyday to help others.

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