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officer banks lawn

Old Lady Struggling To Mow Her Lawn Gets Help From Sweetest Cop.

Police officers go through rigorous training to prove themselves capable of upholding the law and fighting crime. But it’s the little things they do for others that really show they care about the communities they serve.

One Ohio mom recently witnessed such a sweet gesture and couldn’t let the good deed go unnoticed. While picking her son up from school, Kayla Cameron spotted an officer with the Dayton Police Department getting out of his cruiser.

kayla kids

The cop, later identified by the department as Officer Zac Banks, had noticed an elderly lady having trouble mowing her lawn. So he took over the lawnmower and began working on her yard. Touched, Kayla snapped a few photos and shared Banks’s act of kindness on Facebook.

officer banks mows lawn

“Today while picking my son up from school I witnessed a Dayton Police officer park his cruiser just to help an older lady mow the rest of her yard!” she wrote. “It’s so nice seeing nice people help the elders. Seriously just melted my heart. I wish I knew what officer this was because he deserves some appreciation!”

officer banks mows lawn

And appreciation he got. Thousands saw and shared Kayla’s heartwarming post, which eventually got back to Banks’s employer.

facebook comments

The Dayton Police Department shared what Banks did on Twitter as well, commending him on a job well done and adding, “Banks took care of the hill, which is always the toughest!”

officer banks mows lawn

Even small, everyday chores can prove very difficult for older folks. That’s what makes this simple favor so sweet. Thank you, Officer Banks, for being so thoughtful and reminding the rest of us to always offer help to our elders! You’re a fantastic example to adults and children alike.

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