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kendra pray for you

Of All The Things I Teach You, I Hope You Learn To Pray.

I prayed for you.

For ten little fingers and ten little toes. For health and protection. I prayed for you.

At every ultrasound, every check up, and every time we searched for that tiny heart beat.

I prayed for you.

Daylight to Dark

Long before you ever were and every day since. Silently and out loud. Alone and hunched over the side of your bed as you slept so peacefully.

I prayed for you.

For health to return, and strength to remain. For wisdom and kindness to prevail. For love and grace to rule your heart and our home.

I prayed for you.

In joy and heartache. Through tears and gritted teeth. When words wouldn’t come and thoughts wouldn’t form. On nights I was overcome with worry and guilt and fear for the future.

I prayed for you.

And I’ll keep praying with you and for you for as long as I’m able.

Because of all the things I teach you,

of all the lessons I instill in you,

of all my habits you adopt as your own,

that may be the greatest, most valuable one.

This story originally appeared on Daylight to Dark’s Facebook Page

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