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engagement ring couple nyc

Man Proposes But Drops Ring Into Sewer — Days Later Gets Incredible Call.

We’re used to the New York Police Department coming to the rescue, but this case required more than mere detective work.

The story began when British tourists John Drennan and Daniella Anthony were walking through Central Park. Seizing the romantic moment, John dropped to one knee and presented Daniella with a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Unfortunately, later on in their trip, while they were walking through Times Square, the ring — being just a tad bit too big — slipped off Daniella’s finger and disappeared into a subway grate.


Security footage captured the moment when the devastated and shocked couple watched the expensive ring slip into the abyss. John wastes no time in dropping to his knees, then sprawling full out on the dirty sidewalk in an attempt to reach the ring. Sadly, the ring was far out of sight and reach.

Flagging down a member of the NYPD who happened to be passing by, the couple continued to search alongside the officer for a while before finally giving up. What John and Daniella didn’t realize was that the cop had no intention of giving up that easily. After they departed, he not only kept searching but even called in some back up to help in the effort.


Meanwhile, John and Daniella flew back to England. John even went out and purchased a new ring! “I just thought it was gone forever,” he said mournfully.

Later that evening, NYPD officers Bucchignano and Glacken managed to find the ring — the only problem was that no one had gotten the couple’s names! That’s when the cops used a very modern way to crack the case; they posted about the incident on Twitter.

The tweet began to circulate online, and since the internet is a magical place where literally anything can happen, just a few short days later the couple was located!

engagement ring

“We would like to thank everyone who shared this story! The (now) happy couple is back in their home country, but thanks to your retweets they heard we were looking for them! We’re making arrangements to get them their ring back. Congratulations!” NYPD News wrote on Twitter.

“We’re absolutely ecstatic,” Daniella stated. “We just cannot believe it.”

Daniella says they can’t wait to come back to visit New York to thank the officers who truly went “above and beyond” to help them recover the ring.


Can you believe how far these officers went to help this couple? It makes us so proud that visitors can come to our country and receive this kind of personal service and attention. We join the NYPD in wishing Daniella and John a lifetime of joy together!

Please share this story to thank the intrepid officers who went into the subway grate to save the ring — and the day!

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