Norway Just Donated $10 Million To Help 50,000 South Sudanese Families Survive

south sudanese children

Norway has donated $10 million to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations to aid South Sudan. This huge amount of money will be used for emergency livelihood kits, packages that include vegetable seeds, fishing tools, crops seeds and livestock health kits. The donations will provide these items for over 50,000 households that desperately need them for survival.


south sudanese people
Image via United Nations

Due to conflicts in the area, 1.7 million people were driven from their homes. Food prices increased, markets were disrupted and people were displaced from clean water sources and food. 3.7 million South Sudanese suffer from food insecurity.

women collecting water, refugees
Image via Haaretz
man herding cattle
Image via Wikimedia Commons
women working
Image via The Global Panorama

Common local professions include fishing, herding, and farming. Norway’s generosity will help the South Sudanese plant efficiently, yield more crops, improve fishing techniques, and protect their livestock from local diseases. Woman in the villages are given the responsibility of gathering firewood. This contribution will allow the FAO to provide fuel efficient stoves to use instead.

cattle herder
Image via Jonestream Blog
sudanese refugees
Image via Baltimore Sun

The biggest impact these donations will have is simply allowing families to be self-sufficient and feed themselves with reliable food sources. The FAO has already worked with the US, UK, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, the European Union’s Humanitarian Aid, the UN’s Humanitarian Common Fund, and the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund to provide over 350,000 kits to impoverished areas. The Norwegian government hopes to inspire other countries to follow suit.

child refugees
Image via CBC

Most recently, China announced a $50 million donation to help the FAO’s efforts in “South-South cooperation,” the commitment to providing aid to developing countries in the global southern regions. South-South cooperation has major goals in mind–enabling these countries to become independent in terms of food production, enhancing technological capabilities, and increasing their overall participation in the global community.

Though hunger and poverty are often silent issues, the latest donations are a giant step in the right direction for humanitarian efforts.

sudanese children happy
Image via SOS Children’s Villages

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