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noah gothrie

Judges Recognize Contestant From Hit Show — When He Starts Singing They’re Blown Away.

Fame is a fickle thing. In the age of social media and a staggering saturation of talent online, someone can rise to fame and crash back down in a matter of months, weeks, or even days.

Such was the case with Noah Gothrie. After making waves online with his unique covers, the raspy singer was discovered by Ellen DeGeneres and later cast on “Glee.” Noah found himself doing interviews, performing on live TV, and walking red carpets. But when the hit show stopped airing, things went downhill for the talented 24-year-old. That’s why he decided to make his comeback on “America’s Got Talent.”

america's got talent

It takes a lot of humility to effectively start from the bottom again, but Noah’s ready to do it. He knows he has the chops to make it because he’s done it before and he can do it again.

“Suddenly, I was living in Hollywood,” he explained. “It changed my life, for sure, but then once ‘Glee’ stops, so does everything that was associated with ‘Glee,’ so I have to then, you know, kind of find where I fit.”


He took a deep breath before making his way to the stage to meet the judges. His plan was just to be his authentic self and let his music speak for him. “It’s tough, right? When you’ve been given that break,” Simon Cowell said to fellow judge Heidi Klum of Noah’s trajectory before the singer began.

simon cowell

That’s when Noah grabbed his guitar and started playing a cover of Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain.” His soulful, sexy voice perfectly suited the track and the best part was that he put his own spin it.


After his audition, judge Howie told him that “becoming a star is never giving up,” and Noah definitely fits that bill.

Check out the former “Glee” member’s amazing comeback in the video below and don’t forget to share it with your friends!