Creative Couple Tells Their Love Story Through Shoes In Adorable Viral Video.

Author Nicholas Sparks may be a love story legend, but even he can’t compete with Dr. Nicole Sparks and her husband Timothy!


The two of them first met in 2009 and got married two years later. Since then, their relationship has grown stronger through medical school, Nicole’s residency program, and the birth of their two children, Timothy Jr. and Savannah. Today, Nicole is an OB-GYN physician in Atlanta, Georgia, and couldn’t be more grateful for Timothy’s constant support.

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To celebrate their time together, the lovebirds recently came up with an adorable idea. In a video they uploaded to TikTok and Instagram, we see all the stages of their relationship represented by two lines of shoes.

The first athletic sneakers they step into represent the day they met and exchanged numbers at the gym.


In the next pair, they quickly reenact Timothy’s proposal. Then they hop into their wedding attire and shoes.

nicole timothy love story

“Each set of shoes represents how we grew together through each and every stage of life, including the challenges of balancing marriage with medical school, an OB-GYN residency, and becoming parents,” Nicole told the “Today” show.

nicole timothy love story

While none of these stages has been easy, Nicole knows she can always count on Timothy and vice versa!

“There is one thing to be said about being a physician. There is more to be said about the spouses behind the physicians,” she wrote. “I probably don’t publicly thank him enough, but forever grateful to my husband for supporting this crazy journey of mine and giving me a couple of babies along the way.”

nicole timothy love story

Could these two be any cuter? Having a supportive partner to build them up, celebrate their triumphs, and share life’s joys has clearly been such a wonderful gift for them!

Check out their love story in the video below, and share the happiness with your friends.


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