My Resolution This Year & Forever: To Remain Tenacious.

felicia tenacious

I’ve always wanted more. But, I didn’t always know how to get it until a few New Years ago.

A mediocre life is not for me. Contentment is not for me. Living a passive existence is not for me. If I don’t chase my dreams, I’m miserable, so every day, I find ways to go after the career I want. A few Januarys ago, I resolved to get up an GO. And because of it, the success has been sweet, the lessons and confidence even sweeter. But, the best part about my resolution to remain tenacious is that it will always be a part of me.

I will always fight for my dreams from here on out. Being tenacious is a New Year’s resolution I will never break. The fire that lives within me is just too strong.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but as long as I’m chasing these dreams of mine, I’m content. 

A few years ago, my feet touched on the path that I needed to walk to get to where I am today. For so long, I waited for things to come to me.

One day, in my late 20s, I realized that I needed to do more. I was sitting in my bedroom at 2 a.m. sending out a voiceover demo from broadcasting school that was nearly eight years old. Very few of my pitches were met with responses. I asked one man who wrote back with feedback to give it to me straight. He told me that I lacked experience and I needed to start from the bottom. My way wasn’t working. So, I followed his advice and I’ve never looked back.

In January of 2016, I became a published writer. My writing grew to celebrity interviews. I’ve had many golden nuggets of success along the way and many so-called setbacks (I find success even there). The next year, I began taking voiceover lessons. I had a professional demo produced, I invested in studio equipment and today I’m a signed voiceover talent for an agency in Hollywood.

I went from dreaming about voiceover to being a signed talent.

But, see, it doesn’t happen that fast or seamlessly. There’s a whole lot in the middle that many don’t see. You have to put up more than you will ever get back.

The only consistency that ever remained through all that’s happened to me is my will to never give up — my grit, my tenacity. Yes, I have days where I do less. But, most days I do at least one thing that gets me one step closer to my goals. I stopped believing in the phrase, “I don’t have time.” I will set my alarm 10 minutes earlier just so I can send that email or demo I was too tired to write the night before. I will write emails from the bathroom stall.

There’s no difference between me and anyone else. We all have the same ability to go after the things we want. All it takes is a will. Slowly but surely, the things you want out of this life will come IF you go get them.

And once you get them, don’t ever think you’ve arrived and are done seeking. Always be a seeker. Always be curious. Always crave more.

If I never reach every success I hope to, I’ll be okay because I know that I tried every single day. I’m not perfect. There are days when the fire isn’t burning as prominently as the night before, but it never goes out. Thank God. The one fire that you never want to put out is the one that lives within you. It will be the guiding force that can change your life.

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