Former Lawyer Owns 5 Million Legos, Makes Creations That Will Drop Your Jaw.

Most children, as they grow up, are inclined to leave behind their favorite childhood toys, but Nathan Sawaya found a way to extend some of his juvenile ways.  And do it for an incredible purpose.

Though he went to school, graduated and forged a very successful law degree, Sawaya lacked contentment. Needing an outlet, the then 27-year-old turned to the arts – sketching, writing, etc. – as his after work activity.

Then, unexpectedly, Nathan came across some old legos in his home. We all have our favorite playthings as kids, and this was his. So rather than pass over the sweet reunion, he began building anything he saw around his apartment.

As an obsession seemed to revive, Nathan took his building more and more seriously.  He began posting pictures of his creations on a website.  He got so much attention that his website crashed from an overflow of traffic.

So with a wave of courage, the late-20s man left his job to work on lego art full time!

His masterpieces range from a 3-month-long project of a T-Rex to one-day installations of everyday objects…and they’re all incredible! Sawaya took his passion and realized he could make it into a dream, but it only came with hard work and dedication.

Now Nathan couldn’t be happier and gets up in the morning looking forward to every day doing what he loves. Way to go!

Watch below and share his awesome pieces today, and maybe you’ll inspire someone to get creative, too!

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