15 Hyper-Realistic Sculptures That Have A Delicious Secret

A husband and wife baking duo have given us all trust issues, but in the best way possible.

Natalie and Dave Sideserf own and operate Sideserf Cake Studio in central Texas. They specialize in hyper-realistic cakes, and Natalie’s uncanny decorating skills have earned them viral fame many times since they first hit the internet in 2013.

When a trend called “everything is cake” reignited their viral appeal in 2020, Natalie decided to use her sudden downtime during the COVID-19 pandemic to focus on making people smile. After wowing Reddit and other social media platforms with her convincing cake sculptures, Natalie began searching for her next big challenge.

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“Selfie cake was something I thought no one had ever seen before,” she said. So she got to work, sculpting a spot-on replica of herself in bust form and then slicing into her second head to reveal the layered dessert inside.

There’s nothing she can’t recreate in cake form! Each piece takes up to 40 hours to complete, so they’re truly works of edible art! Even better, she said she’s delighted by the widespread interest in her work and hopes to teach others how to fool people using her decorating techniques.

Here are a few of our favorite Sideserf cakes that look like, well, anything other than cake.

1. The egg sandwich with a secret ingredient.

2. This whoopee cushion is even trickier than usual.

3. Spaghetti with meat sauce, anyone?

4. Eric Cartman from “South Park” has never looked (or tasted) better.

5. A cow skull with roses, very Georgia O’Keeffe.

6. This isn’t the most realistic dog on their site, but it’s definitely one of the cutest.

7. Crouching dragon, hidden cake.

8. Just an octopus on a coral reef. No big deal.

9. His and hers wedding cakes for a couple with a great sense of humor.

10. Incredibly accurate this Yoda cake is.

11. Of course, there’s a Baby Yoda too.

12. How do you like these (not) peaches?

13. Only fans of “The Office” will understand this reference.

14. It’s always Taco Tuesday here.

15. Taking a big bite out of this onion would earn you a few funny looks from your friends!

Natalie has started sharing how-to videos online, so now we can all learn how to trick our family members into biting into a bowl of spaghetti… only to discover it’s actually cake!

Learn how to make a mac and cheese cake in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story with a friend who loves to bake.

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