NASA Recorded Stunning Footage Of The Earth. The Result Is Astoundingly Beautiful.

If life is about perspective, I wouldn’t mind having this view. In this incredible recording from NASA we’re able to see sights in our world like never before. Not to mention, the orchestral music (“Manhatta”) playing in the background makes the experience even more epic.

The footage, taken by the International Space Station (ISS), includes everything from erupting volcanoes to sporadic lightening storms… and it’s all equally breathtaking.

An interesting tidbit about the ISS – It orbits the planet about once every 90 mins and is about 350 Km/217 miles. And if you’re wondering what that little green line is above the earth, it’s a result of Airglow. Absolutely gorgeous.

This is the type of thing that really makes us take a step back and appreciate all that’s around us.

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