Toddler Helps Baby Break Out Of Crib & Nanny Cam Captures The Hilarious Footage.

Nowadays it seems like there are cameras everywhere… even in the nursery.

In an adorable viral video, we meet the cute towheaded toddler named Ollie and his baby brother, Finn. Ollie wants Finn to come out and play with him, but there’s just one problem: Finn is trapped in his crib, where he’s presumably supposed to be sleeping.

Undeterred, Ollie the escape artist gets creative and works to spring his little brother!


First, Ollie drags a chair over to the crib. Then, as Finn watches patiently, Ollie hefts the chair over his head and into the crib alongside his brother.


Ollie then gets in the crib with Finn to help his brother. “I got it, Finn,” he says sweetly, when Finn tries to lift the heavy chair himself.


Ollie demonstrates exactly how this escape is going to go, showing the baby where to put his feet in order to boost himself out of the crib.


Finn does as he’s told, and his big bro is right there to catch him for the final leg of their grand escape. “Jump to me, Finn,” Ollie tells him… and he does! Now that’s trust!


Once they’re both safely on the ground, Ollie congratulates Finn for a job well done. “You got it, Finn,” he exclaims. Then they toddle out of the room, looking for more trouble to get into.

Watch the whole adorable clip below, and don’t forget to share with a parent who raised a Houdini or two in their day, too!

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