They Practice In The School Stairwell, But When They Step On This Stage… I’m Speechless!

Curie Metropolitan High School sits in a dangerous neighborhood within the Southwest side of Chicago. There's a huge amount of gang violence and other dangers which make kids afraid to even leave their houses at night. A few students, however, are finding strength through a passion for music. Musical director Michael Gibson leads the high school choir, named "Musicality." With the school unable to provide standard accommodations, the choir's only base for practicing and getting together is in a stairwell. Through music, each student is able to soar beyond the dangers of their surrounding environment. This ability to shine in the face of adversity captivated the world when they auditioned on America's Got Talent. From the very beginning of the audition,Musicality stunned the judges and audience with their touching personality. To the tune of "Night Changes" by One Direction, Musicality begins harmoniously with perfectly matched tones. The most important element, however, is the passion and true heart behind their performance... and everyone can feel it. To say the judges were pleased would be a gross understatement. They absolutely loved it! It's truly incredible and inspiring to see each of these students' passion and enthusiasm. We can't wait to see where their talent and passion takes them. Share this amazing performance if you were inspired by Musicality's story!

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