Motherhood Is Getting Your Heart Broken Over & Over — For 1 Beautiful Reason.

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The most heart-wrenching story ever told is the love a mother carries in her heart for the baby she carried in her belly.

From the moment that + sign appears, she is Alice thrown down the rabbit hole, so irrevocably, and deeply in love with that new life growing inside of her.

The flutters turned to kicks turned to 10 months gone by and he is here in her arms, the only part of him remaining inside of her is the love for him she has filled her heart with.

Sleepless nights melt into sleepy days that only cement the love she has for him, and now he for her.

Little eyes look to her as she unloads the dishwasher, holds his hand on walks to the park, and brushes her hair each morning — she feels the weight of her responsibility of teaching him the ways of the world but knows it is the honor of her life.

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Years go by as his baby features turn to boyish ones and then into the young man she hadn’t yet imagined, though knowing he’d be here one day.

Her heart breaks a little bit each time he leaves the house to go off with his friends and doesn’t tell her he loves her like he used to each morning.

A mother’s love never waivers.
It is constant and immediate.
It is a warm sweater on a cold fall morning.
It is a cool breeze on a hot summer day.
It is all things comforting and beautiful.

The part that breaks her heart is everything she always dreamed of for her baby, the one she loved from that first plus sign —

To grow strong.
To learn all of life’s important lessons.
To find what he loves and pursue it with all he can.
To be kind to others from all walks of life.
To speak his mind when he feels called.
To carry himself with grace in all things.
To be independent, hardworking, and a go-getter.
And to always know that she’d be here for him if he ever needs him.

Britt LeBoeuf

She’s always wished he’d become all of these things. Yet, when he does, she wishes there was still. more. time. to teach him, to hug him, to read him bedtime stories, and kiss him goodnight.

Motherhood is equal parts wanting our babies to spread their wings and not wanting them to fly away quite yet. It’s a contradiction, perhaps the oldest one.

All mothers end up with our hearts broken but in the most sincere, honest, and beautiful way.

This story originally appeared on These Boys of Mine

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