Mom’s Near Death Experience Compels Entire Family To Do Something Remarkable.

Gabi Rose posing in picture with her family

Gabi Rose sheds light on the issue that plagues us all when we are trying to overcome self-inflicted struggles–denial. In Gabi’s case, it was denial of an unhealthy lifestyle that nearly killed her and left her four children motherless.

Her story may be an extreme example, but we all deny things about ourselves or our circumstances. We do this in order to protect some habit or image that makes us feel in control of our lives.

The danger of denial, as Gabi’s story reveals, is self-deception. She said she didn’t realize that her unhealthy eating habits were causing her extreme asthma attacks. What she thought she was in control of turned out to be in control of her.

Gabi overcame her struggle with obesity when she accepted that it was ruling her life. Her acknowledgement of the problem in turn gave her great strength to fight back and, as a result, she has inspired her family and countless others along the way.

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