“Moms Helping Moms.” Facebook Group Helps Parents Find Much-Needed Formula.

Although it has been 15 years since Katherine Quirk had an infant to feed, she remembers how it felt to struggle to find something you need for your baby.


Watching the news, the nurse manager and mom of three grew increasingly alarmed by the infant baby formula shortage happening across the United States. On Facebook, she noticed area moms putting out cries for help because they couldn’t find a particular brand of formula their child needs. She knew she had to do something to help.

Katherine has always a been a helper. Back in 2021, she and her husband made a Facebook group page to help senior citizens get appointments for their COVID-19 vaccine. She has seen firsthand how powerful social media can be to unite people towards a common goal, so she started a new Facebook page for parents seeking baby formula.

The South Florida Baby Formula Info Group is a resource for people to share pictures of the formula supply at local stores, swap and sell extra formula, and help each other get through the national shortage.

“I wanted to provide a group, a kind of one-stop shop, where formula could be given to individuals who needed it, as well as providing information about local stores and online availability,” Katherine explained. “Facebook was the best choice as the group allows a consolidation of information as well as a platform to get information out quickly to the public.”

The group now has over 900 members, all of whom are working in the Palm Beach, Florida area to support one another and keep their babies fed. Katherine moderates the discussions on the group, but she says people are generally very considerate and helpful.

“The overall vibe is very positive,” she said. “Moms helping other moms. Caregivers lending a hand and offering up unused formula to a mom who has a need. Exchanges happening between parents if perhaps a sample was received that is not needed.”

Katherine urges other people to start groups of their own if they see a need in their community.

“When the community needs help, there is no better place than social media. Start a group, share it with those you know, ask your friends to share, share in other groups if it’s an option.”

She acknowledges that it does take “time and effort” to run a Facebook group, but says, “if it helps even one person then it’s worth it.”

Katherine displays true leadership qualities! Even though the formula shortage doesn’t impact her directly, she knows that we’re all in this together. “Moms helping moms!”

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