Brave Mom Donates Part Of Her Liver To Baby She’s Never Met Before.

Many moms have considered joining an online moms group. After all, they can be invaluable resources for old and new parents because they’re safe places to vent, get advice, and connect with others in similar situations.


But Robin Bliven of Atlanta, Georgia witnessed something even more life-changing. Her fellow moms came together to save a life!


When Robin joined her group, she wasn’t sure what to expect. But they formed deep friendships and walked with each other through some of life’s hardest moments! Moms sat with Robin in the hospital while her daughter was in surgery and brought someone else more supplies than she needed when her child was diagnosed with cancer.

They also volunteered to keep 11-month-old Callum Rescsanski alive!

“People can say a lot of things about moms groups on the Internet,” Robin wrote on Facebook to describe a very special photo. “Here’s what I can tell you about mine… when this little sack of sugar, Cal, needed a LIVER from a live donor in order to survive, over 100 moms from my group called to be screened as potential donors.”


Andrea Alberto of Boston, Massachusetts was one of them. After hearing Cal would be able to live a normal life after receiving a portion of an adult’s liver, Andrea knew she had to try. It didn’t matter that the single mom of two would have to travel to Connecticut for the surgery. If she was a match, she would make it happen!

So after she got the news that she could be Cal’s donor, she headed to the hospital!

“Tomorrow this sweet baby will head to a 10-hour surgery to receive a liver from a mommy he’d never met except through Facebook,” Robin explained. “When Beth came needing help for Cal, we all answered that call because that’s our baby too.”


The surgery was a success! Now that he has a healthy piece of Andrea’s liver, Cal is recovering well and already had his feeding tube removed. Andrea was able to leave in 14 days, while Cal went home after 25 days – both of which are common recovery times.

Andrea’s sons are proud to tell all their friends how their mom “saved a baby!” But Andrea doesn’t see herself as a hero. “If there is someone in need and there is something you can reasonably do to help them, why wouldn’t you do it?” she said. “I like to think that if it was one of my kids in need, someone from my extended network would step in to help.”


Now that she’s through surgery, Andrea is even more of an advocate for living organ donation! She said many people don’t even realize they can donate a portion of their liver, especially when it comes to infants.

“If you are open to the idea of donation, get more information,” she said. “You don’t need to wait until it’s a family or friend who needs an organ – odds are, they never will. But someone else’s loved one already does need your organ. Find out if you’re a match. You can save someone’s life.”


In addition to shedding light on organ donations, this story reminds us that the friendships we make online can be just as wonderful as those we make in person! After all, true friends will always step up – no matter how you got to know them.

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