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Mom With MS Hadn’t Walked In 5 Yrs, Brings Everyone To Tears When Groom Tenderly Lifts Her Up To Dance.

While the Father-Daughter dance has a tendency to steal the spotlight, there is something equally special about moms and their sons sharing the dance floor on the big day. For 48-year-old Amy Winn, the moment she took the floor with her son was the moment she proved to herself and others, that not even grave illness could steal her joy.

Amy was diagnosed with MS nearly 20 years ago and is now wheelchair bound. Amy’s son, Stephen, put his head together with his now wife Cassie to decide how to incorporate Amy into the ceremony. After mulling over the problem for a few weeks, Steven had a simple yet genius idea.

“The night of the rehearsal dinner, we still hadn’t decided on what we were going to do,” Cassie explained. “Stephen pulled me aside and said, ‘I’m gonna pick her up so she can really dance wth me. Don’t not tell anyone; I want it to be a surprise.”

And so the next day, when the music began to play Steven rolled his mother onto the dance floor, then picked her up and danced with his momma for the first time in 20 years. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

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