“Keep Your Children In Boosters.” Mom Shares How Car Seat Saved Her Son’s Life.

It seems like every other day a new recommendation pops up for how parents should (or shouldn’t) use strollers, cribs, beds, and other essentials. In fact, so many appear that some parents let out an exasperated sigh before fighting to make the adjustments.


One of the biggest safety challenges is car seats because when kids get a little older, they war against the boosters so they can fit in with their friends. Many parents give in to these demands, but social media influencer Jen McLellan didn’t – and the choice saved her son’s life.


On any typical day, Jen uses social media to promote body positivity, particularly in pregnant mothers. She juggles a blog, a podcast, and thousands of followers to share inspiring messages and give a voice to moms who want to do the same.

Recently though, Jen posted something that strayed from her normal content: a warning. She’d received a call from her husband that he and their son had been in a terrible car accident. Jen hurried to the scene, keeping her composure until she couldn’t locate her 9-year-old.


She eventually found him being evaluated by paramedics, who were surprised that the little boy came out as well as he did. They said that was largely due to his car seat, which had protected him from physical harm beyond some deep bruising.


“I can’t tell you how many arguments I’ve had with my⣠9-year-old about him not wanting to be in a booster because his friends don’t use one,” Jen said. “I’m forever thankful I never budged.⣔

As she was trying to process everything that happened and take care of her son and husband (who is recovering from more serious injuries), she decided she wanted to share the terrifying experience with her followers.

“I have one thing to ask of everyone reading this – keep your children in boosters for as long as possible,” she wrote. “Please let that be the good that can come of this. More awareness of how essential boosters are for bigger kids – even if they don’t think they are cool!


Jen’s son is living proof that as frustrating as safety recommendations can be, they are necessary. Because of his booster seat, this little one has more emotional wounds than physical ones.

To learn more about Jen’s experience, check out her family’s Go Fund Me. And if you’re a parent, stand strong when your child wants out of their car seat. One day, it could save their life.

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