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jaidyn disney surprise

Mom Sends Message To Daughter’s Phone With Magical Disney Surprise Inside.

For the past few months, JaTawna Avant has been secretly plotting to surprise her 8-year-old daughter Jaidyn Faith.

The mom of two wanted to reward her daughter for her good behavior over the summer with a mother-daughter trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, so she planned it all out, bought the plane tickets, and packed their suitcases ⁠— all without ever letting Jaidyn in on the plan.


On the day they were scheduled to leave, JaTawna drove Jaidyn to the airport and pulled over. Directing her daughter to check her phone for messages, JaTawna AirDropped a pre-written note to her daughter’s phone.

“I decided to send her a note and AirDrop it to her phone when we got to the airport. It was perfect timing because she saw lots of airplanes and started to ask questions,” said JaTawna.


Jaidyn begins to read the note, stumbling over a few of the bigger words as she reads it aloud, “‘Jaidyn, I love you so much. You have been a good girl this summer. We are going to Disney. We are driving to the airport now.”

As Jaidyn realizes what the words that came out of her mouth mean her entire face changes. She gasps and stares at her mother in disbelief.


Seconds later, the emotions kick in and Jaidyn drops the phone and begins to weep into her hands. “Why are you crying? This is happy!” JaTawna says with a laugh. Jaidyn takes several seconds to cry out of pure happiness as her mother comforts her.

“When she started to cry my heart was so warm it was a sudden feeling of an overflow of joy,” JaTawna said. “It made all the planning for this trip so worth it. I actually wanted to cry.”

“Thank you, Mommy,” Jaidyn says, wiping away tears.


For JaTawna, surprising her daughter with a dream trip to Disney has been a goal of hers since the moment she became a mother. The little girl’s shocked and grateful reaction made every bit of the struggle to make that wish come true worthwhile.

“This has always been my childhood dream and [as] a single mother it was an honor to be able to make [my] daughter’s dream come true at this age.”


Jaidyn and JaTawna boarded a plane right after this video was made and enjoyed a truly magical mother-daughter trip to the Magic Kingdom, but this moment was the real gift for JaTawna. It’s always an amazing feeling to give your child something they really want, and when kids appreciate your efforts like Jaidyn it’s all the sweeter.

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