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mom singing to baby

Singer Mom’s Sweet Lullaby Has Baby Girl Falling Asleep In Seconds.

There’s nothing more timeless than a mother singing her baby to sleep.

The act of soothing an infant with a lullaby is as old as motherhood itself, and recent studies have proven that this habit has physical and mental benefits for both mom and child. Kailey Edwards, a mother of two and singer from Albuquerque, New Mexico, recently shared a sweet video of herself soothing her daughter Ellie, and now her beautiful lullaby is going viral.


Kailey performs with a band and writes and sings her own music, but for this lullaby, she chose to sing Rachel Platten’s song, “Better Place.” The video starts with Kailey holding Ellie while seated at her desk. Ellie looks wide awake as she begins to sing, but incredibly she starts to yawn just seconds after the first notes fill the room.


Kailey has a really gorgeous singing voice, and the song’s lyrics are utterly perfect. All parents remember the tender feeling of rocking an infant and holding them close to our hearts, and this song really sums up the feeling of love and devotion that accompany these sweet moments in time.

It doesn’t take long until Ellie’s head is nodding and her eyes begin to close. Just watching her is making us sleepy!


“And I hold my favorite thing, I hold the love that you bring,” Kailey sings. “But it feels like I’ve opened my eyes again, and the colors are golden and bright again. There’s a song in my heart, I feel like I belong. It’s a better place since you came along.”

Moments later, she’s out like a light. She doesn’t even wake up when Kailey shifts her onto her shoulder and starts patting her back in time to the beat. As she finishes the song Kailey gives the camera a knowing smile. Lullabies work every time!


There’s something about this moment that causes instant nostalgia for when our own children were babies! We’re sure this video will help Kailey’s singing career take off because she is truly talented, but the real treasure is knowing that some things never change. The love between a mother and child is deep, endless, and universal.

Watch Kailey’s sweet lullaby in the video below, and please share.

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