Mom In Near-Fatal Coma Is Saved By Her One-Week Old Baby.

Advances in medicine over the last 30 years have reduced maternal and newborn complications dramatically, but when it’s time for new life to come into world, things don’t always go as planned.


The last thing Shelly Cawley remembers before entering the operating room for an emergency c-section was crying. During surgery, a blood clot in her leg broke and sent her into a coma. Shelly wouldn’t wake up for seven days, but the way she recovered is amazing indeed.

According to hospital staff, hopes were not high for the new mom. Shelly’s lungs were filling with fluid and she wasn’t responding to traditional treatment. According to her husband, Jeremy Cawley, “she just looked like she’d given up.”

But that is exactly when hospital staff came up with a unusual, last-ditch solution. It’s common knowledge in the medical world that a struggling newborn will benefit greatly from skin-on-skin contact with mom, so they decided to try it for Shelly.

They placed Shelly’s newborn daughter Rylan into her arms waited. As Rylan began to cry, Shelly responded almost instantly.

The Cawley family is now whole, healthy and excited for the future. See Shelly’s incredible recovery for yourself below!

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