Mom Buys Deaf Daughter A Rescue Dog. How They Communicate Is INCREDIBLE!

Four-year-old Neeva’s best friend is her dog, Baxter. But more than spending every moment having fun together, there’s something else very special about their relationship.

Neeva was born deaf, and therefore has difficulties speaking. So not too long ago, her mother went on a search for a rescue dog – where they found Baxter – in Animal Humane, a shelter in New Mexico.

Now here’s the really special part: Somehow, Neeva has found an incredible way to communicate with her furry friend… and that’s through sign language! Baxter truly can understand what Neeva is trying to say to him – and the little girl taught him all by herself.

It’s truly an incredible bond that the two have formed, one that can never and will never be replaced. See for yourself in the video below.

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