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Hardworking Single Mom Floored By Epic Birthday Gift From Grateful Daughter.

When many people become parents, it’s like a switch goes off. Suddenly you’re willing to sacrifice just about anything to put a smile on your child’s face. And when times are tough and you have to decide between taking care of yourself or taking care of your baby, you pick your little one every time.

As a kid, Shalanda Thurmond didn’t realize her mom was giving her everything she had. All Shalanda knew was she didn’t get as much as other kids her age. But when she turned 14, her perception changed, and she decided then and there to give back to her awesome mom someday.


Sabrina Lang raised Shalanda and two boys as a single mom with very little money. One Christmas, she had only $20 but still managed to give each child two presents. So it must have broken her heart when they cried because they didn’t understand why they had less than other people.

Over the years, Shalanda slowly but surely learned how many sacrifices her mother made for her and her brothers. But it wasn’t until she was 30 that Shalanda felt she could properly thank her incredible mom. So for Sabrina’s 51st birthday, Shalanda planned an epic surprise.


In a video that was posted online, we see Sabrina open a series of cards in which Shalanda recalls how much her mom gave her kids. As Sabrina reads aloud, she can hardly get all the words out because she is so choked up. The simple recognition of her hard work seems to be enough of a gift for her, but there’s more coming!

After she finishes the cards, Sabrina is instructed to pull on a string attached to something in a box. That something is a chain of money! Shalanda saved up over the course of a year to give her mom $3,000 in cash!

At this point, Sabrina is completely shocked. The chain just keeps going, and it’s all for her! And the only requirement is that she spends every penny on herself.


This hardworking mom deserves every dollar! We’re so thankful for all the parents out there who give their children everything — especially when they don’t have anything leftover for themselves. The world needs more people like you!

Watch the emotional surprise in the video below, and be sure to share the story with anyone who could use a little love today!

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