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Rock Climber Falls In Love With Woman He Saved & Proposes In Same Spot 1 Year Later!

Some couples can pinpoint the exact moment they fell in love. While Nicole Cara wasn’t there yet when she literally fell into Seth Jones’ arms, she knows without a doubt, it’s what brought them together.

Back in 2015, the Utah native went on a rock climbing trip with friends to Moab, home of the gorgeous red rock formations and landscapes that make up Arches National Park. Seth was part of the group — and the one who very likely saved Nicole’s life.

teardrop canyon moab

There, the adventurers rappelled 1oo feet down Teardrop Canyon, with Seth in the lead. He waited at the bottom to make sure everyone came down safely. But when it was Nicole’s turn, she slipped, lost hold of the rope, and fell 10 feet. Fortunately, her hero was right there to catch her.


Nicole admits she was so embarrassed and flustered that she didn’t know what to say. But after the trip, it wasn’t long before the two became a couple. Fast forward a year later, and they were inseparable.


At that point, Seth knew Nicole was the one for him. He was ready to make it official, and what better place to pop the question than where it all started? So he arranged another trip to Moab and enlisted the help of his friend and co-worker Tyson Henderson, a talented videographer known for his proposal videos. The couple’s friends and family were all in on it as well.

Nicole had no idea.

moab trip

Once again, the group rappelled down Teardrop Canyon, in the same place Nicole fell. This time, Nicole came down last. As she got closer and closer to the ground where Seth was waiting, she started noticing the signs.

nicole rappels

“With only 10 feet of air left between me and Seth, I noticed flowers…and candles… laid perfectly aligned creating a pathway. I realized once Seth began helping me unclip what was about to happen,” Nicole wrote on her blog.

seth proposes

There on the ground, Seth handed Nicole a bouquet of daisies. He reminded her that day was the one-year anniversary of her fall. Nicole began tearing up. She knew what this meant.

“I was so surprised and shocked at what was going on, but I have known my answer for weeks now,” she added.

seth proposes

As their friends waited to the side, Seth led Nicole down the path of petals and stopped, getting down on one knee. Then he opened a small black box, revealing a beautiful engagement ring. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I love you more than anything in the world.” Seth said. “Nicole, will you marry me?”

As Nicole said, she already knew her answer — yes.

moab proposal

Four years later, Nicole and Seth are married now and happier than ever. They are the perfect match, after all. Here’s to many more years of wedded bliss filled with adventure. Congratulations, you two! We’re so happy you found each other.

engaged in moab

Learn more about their love story in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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