Tiny “Miracle Puppy” Who Fell From Sky After Hawk Attack Finds Forever Home.


Chihuahuas aren’t typically seen as the strongest dogs, but “Miracle Puppy” might make you reconsider their strength.

A few construction workers were on the job one day in Round Rock, Texas, when they heard a puppy crying. Out of nowhere, the pup fell from the sky and landed at their feet. When they looked up to see where he came from, they saw a hawk flying overhead and guessed the hawk had snatched and then dropped the smaller animal.

puppy at shelter

The workers hurried the one-pound survivor to a local animal hospital. Shockingly, Miracle Puppy had no broken bones and suffered only minor wounds on his head and chest from the hawk’s talons.

Miracle Puppy was relocated to the Austin Animal Center and recovered with a foster family for about four weeks. Renee Keyes, his foster mother, said her youngest son started calling their small charge Tony Hawk because both the dog and the skateboarder have dropped from intimidating heights.


This little guy was very lucky, but not all pets are so fortunate. The Austin Animal Center is using this story as a cautionary tale to remind owners everywhere to protect their small friends from birds of prey.

While dogs aren’t a hawk’s snack of choice, small pups are at risk of being scooped up by large birds. These birds usually go for squirrels, rabbits, reptiles, and fish — but a small dog can easily be mistaken for one of these other animals.

The Austin Animal Center notes that “even in your fenced backyard … if you have small pets, keep eyes on them at all times while outside.”

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. After Tony Hawk’s amazing recovery, the shelter received many adoption applications. One of those was from Georgia Bramhall, a local salon owner who lost her own chihuahua a few months before.


The two met, and Georgia was quickly chosen to be his forever family. And we know the pairing couldn’t be more perfect.

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