Military Family Stunned By Court-Side Tickets, But Son’s Next Surprise Has Mom In Tears.

For military personnel and their families alike, deployment can be a trial all it’s own. Long months and years away from family can leave many soldiers and their families longing for them to come home.

We’ve seen some truly incredible military family reunions, like Bo Farrell surprising his younger brother Matt, who plays basketball for Notre Dame. Bo, who was supposed to be overseas, recorded a video message for his younger brother that played at a Notre Dame basketball game. Just as the video ended, big brother Bo walked out onto the basketball court and caught his brother in an embrace that left everyone in the room choked up. It was an incredible moment.

The story we have for you today is not as orchestrated as the one above, but it is no less emotional.

Tuesday night, the Celtics celebrated their 10th annual Seats for Soldiers event. This is a program where fans give up their tickets so a military can come enjoy the game. But that wasn’t the only tribute to our armed forces that happened that night.

During the first half, Staff Sergeant Andrew Knoll of the United States Air Force National Guard came walking down the stadium steps to surprise his family who was sitting courtside.

Knoll’s mother was the first to realize her son was standing behind her and the look on her face said it all. One by one each member of Knoll’s family wrapped him up in an embrace so emotional, that it just might bring you to tears.

It certainly affected the players. Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas told CSNNE, “That was big time. That’s probably the best feeling they’ve ever had. You could just see it; you could see them so surprised, so happy. They’re probably at a loss for words. That’s what life is really about; it’s bigger than what we do out there on the floor. Those guys, they put their lives on the line. For their family, that was big time. I’m happy for them.”

Check out the awesome moment in the video below!

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This soldier from the National Guard surprised his family during the Celtics-Pistons game 🙏🏼

Posted by Bleacher Report on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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